Witch trials

The historical sights and landscape of the Jesníky mountains, a region infamous for witch trials, present a perfect backdrop for dark stories or fairy-tale romances. Apart from real locations like the Velké Losiny castle, this cruel period of local history is revived today by expositions in historical buildings which include preserved torturing tools. The victims of the witch trials are commemorated all over the region. Barbora Göttlicher, for instance, at that time the owner of the manufacture in Velké Losiny, became one of the first victims of the inquisition in 1680.



Technical attractions

Where can you see a beating engine, machine for preparation of paper stock from the beginning of the 18th century and where for four centuries paper has been made using the same manufacturing process? Again, in the Velké Losiny handmade paper mill. The Dlouhé Stráně pumped storage power plant is a technical wonder where visitors can marvel at its turbine cavern or the upper reservoir on top of a mountain. Old history is brought back in a replica of a medieval mining town in Zlaté Hory with two log cabins and functional gold ore stamp and mill reconstructed according to period drawings.






The Jeseníky mountains offer all you might expect – ocean of green in the summer and blanket of snow in the winter. Thanks to heavy downfall in the winter the highest areas of the mountains have up to two meters of snow cover for a couple of months a year. There are large plains as well as skiing resorts. One of the most modern is the resort in Kouty nad Desnou with a six-seat cable way running to the upper reservoir of the Dlouhé Stráně power plant.





Country cottages, deserted blocks of flats of co-op workers, dilapidated collective farms, pre-fab houses on town squares or in the villages centres, empty school buildings where children still went a few years ago – rough and depressed Sudetenland. Even such locations can be found in the border areas of the Jeseníky mountains and its foothills. The symbol and the plant of the region is nettle, wildly invading deserted houses and factories once employing thousands of local inhabitants. Numerous villages disappeared after WWII, however, there are even such that have been abandoned quite recently.






How many places there are in the country where looking from one hill to another no traces of human activity can be seen? The Jeseníky mountains still have them. You can come across narrow winding forest roads climbing uphill or descending to valleys offering marvelous views of the landscape, vast pastures or forests.