The Rychlebské mountains, The Hrubý Jeseník mountains with the highest hill Praděd and The Králický Sněžník mountains are the highest ranges in Moravia and Silesia. Their foothills are fringed in the south by the Hanušovice hills, the southernmost areas touching the Mohelnice furrow, Zábřeh hills and Hornomoravský hollow. The Jeseníky mountains are situated in the north-west Moravia.


The 220 km journey by car from Prague to Šumperk takes about 3 hours. A direct train from Prague, stopping at Zábřeh, takes 2 hours, 20 minutes. From Zábřeh there are local trains to Šumperk (15 km), and Jeseník (60 km).

  The climate is mildly warm in the north-west and south, in the Rychlebské, Hrubý Jeseník and Králický Sněžník mountains the climate is cold with average yearly temperatures 5º - 8º C and yearly precipitation between 650 – 1000 mm. In the highest areas the average temperature does not exceed 1º - 3º C and precipitation amounts to 1200 mm. There are frequent temperature inversions in the higher located areas.